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  The inspiration for Modern Society Boutique came from my time spent in New York City as a freshman in college . Living in the Fashion Capital where the latest trends are on display everyday in the streets of the city inspired me to follow my dream of owning my own boutique offering city chic styles to women everywhere. We have enjoyed the learning experience of starting a business and finding the pieces we thought were the most fashion forward. One thing we learned is that there is a lot of competition in this industry. So many online clothing boutiques are popping up every day. 

We began to feel that we were not really all that different and started to feel that we should take some time to re-evaluate what type of brand we want to be. How can we stand out in an industry that has to compete with the likes of Amazon? So we made the decision to close our store, for now. We want to bring pieces that are original, and made with sustainable practices, here in the United States.So while Jules finishes up her degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, we will be exploring all the options to be able to relaunch a Modern Society Boutique that we are proud of and that is unique. 

Thank you for supporting us this far. We hope you take this opportunity to snag some of your favorites at a discount. 

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